De Wijndragers

De Wijndragers - Mosterd


For more than 30 years, De Wijndragers has been making world-famed mustards. Every product in our range bears the signature of Wijndragers: that special flavour and texture that our fans have come to love. Mild, gently spicy, sweet and sour are the flavours that set the tone. Our smooth mustard with whole seeds is the hallmark that has made Wijndragers mustards unique!

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De Wijndragers - Dressings/saus


Wijndragers dressings have been developed to offer an unparalleled taste experience in terms of range and variety. There’s something for everyone; from sweet and sour, to mild and spicy. The base for all our dressings and sauces is the famed Wijndragers mustard, it’s unique qualities trace back to every product in our range. Let your culinary creativity run free, the variation of our dressings is endless!

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De Wijndragers since 1983

Over De Wijndragers - Geschiedenis

About Wijndragers

In the past decades De Wijndragers has established a name as a modern producer of mustards and dressings, with highest regard for the traditional trade and craft of the mustard maker. Today, you’ll find our production facilities in De Marslanden, an industry park on the outskirts of Zwolle, where our products are made and packaged, partly with the aid of automated production processes, in a fully BRC certified environment. Nevertheless, the actual production of our, now worldwide famed, mustards, is still largely done by hand. To this day, all our products are manufactured with regard for the traditional craft of the mustard maker, using premium quality ingredients only. This way, we guarantee you enjoying the authentic taste of a traditionally made product.

Over De Wijndragers - Mostermakerij


The centuries-old craft of mustard making has been restored to glory by De Wijndragers, since its foundation in 1983, in the monumental tower bearing the same name. During the Middle Ages the Tower, which forms part of the ancient fortifications of the city of Zwolle, was home to the Guild of the Wijndragers (Wine Bearers), from hence the name “De Wijndragers” originated.

Over De Wijndragers - Recepturen


Vision: De Wijndragers invests in long-term relationships with our customers and consumers. We believe in pure and natural, premium base ingredients. Using traditional skills and natural ingredients we make finest quality products that are testimony to our passion and dedication.

Mission: To offer consumers the experience of enjoying our products. Worldwide, wherever they are.