A sharp and spicy mustard by addition of horseradish. Because of the acidic character of mustard a well balanced combination exists, especially for the enthusiastic daredevil!

Zwolse (traditional) mustard

Our whole grain “traditional” mustard. An easy taste, neutral character and the perfect base for a homemade dressing or marinade.


A strong tasting mustard of which the name is clear: clove! Especially suitable for upgrading your dishes or for example to combine with bacon.

Honey Thymemustard

Our classic one is back on track! In base we used our Honeymustard, in addition of thyme. A perfect herbal variant on the sweet “basic” Honeymustard.

Mustard to go with Cheese

Smooth, french mustard, slightly sweet with a dash of dill. It’s all in the name: a mustard to go with cheese!


What more do we have to say? A sensational mustard, fully packed with red pepper. This mustard is especially loved by chillipaste (sambal) lovers.


A delightful sweet mustard with dill. Perfect as a base for your dressings or to add flavour to a sandwich.


For the garlic lovers! A nice and friendly, whole grain, mustard full of garlic.


Most used mustard in our range. Full of honey flavour, sweet and perfect to combine with almost everything.