Mini Dressings

Roasted Garlicdressing

A soft and creamy dressing based on garlic. A basic dressing but, above all, a welcome addition in every kitchen!


A classic one! Creamy and soft, with a nice colour and completed with the “must have” ingredients which are typical for a Caesardressing. Perfect for bringing you Caesarsalad to the next level.

Ginger Wasabidressing

Horseradish in Japanese way is the main ingredient of this dressing. Razor sharp in raw application, by us processed to a mild-spicy dressing. Pale green colour with the distinct presence of ginger.

Mustard Honey Thymedressing

Sister of our Mustard Dilldressing in which thyme is the powerful flavour, enriched with honey. Delicious with lamb dishes.

Orange Rosemarydressing

A sweet dressing made of orange chuncks combined with rosemary. A Mediterranean flavour to add to your salad, sandwich or chicken.

Mustard Dilldressing

Our most wanted and loved dressing. It blends the sweetness of honey with the character of dill, making it the perfect salad dressing and always a great match with salmon.