Wijndragers Premium

De Wijndragers presents an elegant line developed the premier professional cooking talent as well as the keen hobby chef. De Wijndragers Premium line is entirely handmade, delicate with a refined taste. Both the oil and the vinegar turns every dish into a culinary delight and success! Chic, design elegance and high quality content; just a couple of the features of this unique line of products.

The range consists of: olieën, azijnen
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Wijndragers | Zwolse Mosterd


Domestic brand De Wijndragers has a long history and has found it’s origin in 1983. During the years the product has changed in some ways. Despite of the changes, the hexagonal jar, the colours and the handcrafted appearance are still giving the product a typical Wijndragers look and feel!

The range consists of: mosterd and dressing
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BIG SAM’S is a strong, solid and spicy line of products, created especially with the real barbecue chef in mind! The sauces and marinades, all essentially natural, are made from superior quality ingredients. BIG SAM’S sauces and marinades, each expressing its own individual nature and identity and with respect for that genuine, authentic barbecue taste. The BIG SAM’S barbecue line consists of four sauces for meat, fish and vegetables and four marinades to prepare meat and fish. Also because of the special BBQ bottle: an exclusive product in exceptional packaging!

The range consists of: marinades, sauzen
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aMust is part of De Wijndragers and is used as brand and label for export. Various products are available under aMust brand; mustard, dressing, sauce and mayonnaise. Minimalist design, the couloured line and high flexibility of this brand are making it perfect for preparing your own private label!

The range consists of: mosterd, dressing
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